Top 5 Reasons I love My Job!

Since I took the journey to being a career in Real Estate years ago, I have truly grown to love this field. Here are a few big reasons why I love my job, every single day.

The people, of course!

I meet so many people in real estate, from all walks of life. Whether I sold them their first home, met them through my clients, or simply interacted with them at a Downtown Raleigh Alliance or Shop Local event, I love hearing all of the different stories everyone uniquely has. The best and most rewarding part of being a real estate broker is being able to find these families the perfect home for them to make lasting memories in. I will never forget the many amazing people I have been able to meet in this field, and am eternally grateful for them.


I am always learning!

One thing that’s for sure, real estate is ever-evolving. In every sale or purchase, there are new things and unique situations that pop up. I love to learn new things and study new ideas and technologies. Whether its a new marketing trend, a new network on social media, or a new system for advertising homes, I am constantly learning and challenging myself. I have to be sure that I am staying up to date on the ever-evolving area that is the triangle as well, to provide my clients with the best information possible and their next potential living location. I really enjoy that aspect of real estate.



I love the fact that my job allows me to create my own schedule. Even though there are laws to obey and rules to follow in real estate, like with any career, other than that you are pretty much free to decide the rest yourself. This allows me to be authentically myself and to provide the most genuine experience possible for my clients.


Working with other people in real estate!

Most of the people I have met in this industry are good people. Even though we are technically in competition with one another, everyone is helpful and fun and funny to be around. I love working at Triangle Real Estate group and all of the people I have met there. It is so nice to have great people to bounce ideas around with and to get a second opinion from.

triangle real estate group


Along with the freedom to create your own schedule, since you are technically branding yourself, I love the creativity you can bring forth. You have the say so over your brochures, business cards, which photos to use for the ad for the house you’re selling, and so much more. This allows me to use my artistic side to bring my visions to life and to brand myself in the way that I want to be seen from all potential clients!

I would like to thank everyone, past clients, co-worker, referrals, family, and friends, for allowing me to be successful in a career that I truly love! If you would like to buy or sell your home anytime soon in the triangle area or near the NC coast, please contact me and my team! We promise that we will LOVE working with you and that it will be a great experience for you as well.


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