Recent College Grads Flock To Raleigh!

Raleigh is always changing and growing. In the past few years, the way it has been doing that the most is the millennial and recent college graduates moving here to begin this new chapter in their lives. Raleigh was rated the 15th best city for people on this path of life by a NerdWallet report. Durham was rated 25th. Several cities in North Carolina were also close to the top, such as Charlotte, Greensboro, and Winston-Salem.

college grad

There are many reasons why college grads are loving Raleigh so much, and why you will too. First and foremost, anyone can find their place here as there is something for everyone in this big city. The city is always changing on growing, just like these people are at this current point in their lives. Finding a job is not a difficult task, especially with Research Triangle Park. Also, the city is affordable, unlike other big cities that have as much to offer as Raleigh does.


The triangle, being composed of Raleigh, Durham, Cary, and Chapel Hill, has awesome educational opportunities and with that being said, sports rivalries! There are tons of great restaurants and food trucks and now that you are an official adult, it’s time to start eating real food instead of things you zap in the microwave. With all this to love, what are you waiting for? Make your move to Raleigh today, whether you’re a recent college graduate or what. We promise you will not regret it! Contact us for any of your real estate needs and watch this video (Recent College Grads Flock To Raleigh!) on our youtube channel to learn more!


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