Mark Steward Team Features Caravan Rugs, A Shop Local Raleigh Business

Caravan Rugs has built a fine reputation for themselves in the triangle for quite a few years. Their motto is “maintain your value and look.” They specialize in oriental rug cleaning and can take care of even the most delicate of rugs. They also are known for their carpet cleaning and are said to have the best service in the triangle area because they pay attention to detail and exemplify superior customer service. Mark Steward, as a member of the Shop Local Raleigh Alliance, interviewed Jason Ide with Caravan Rugs for an inside scoop on what they do.

caravan rugs

Jason says they are experts at cleaning all types of upholstery. Along with that and the carpet and rug cleaning, they also do tile cleaning and grout cleaning. They proudly sport a 100% satisfaction guarantee on their rug and carpet cleaning services. They provide the highest quality services in order to make sure you will use them again for years to come. They pick up and deliver throughout all of the triangle area including Raleigh, Garner, Durham, Wake Forest, and Cary.


They have done their research, which makes them experts in their field. They have traveled as far as Turkey in order to get the machines to clean the rugs that the weavers use to make the rugs. Their cleaning method is very gentle on the finest of rugs, unlike other machines some rug cleaners use. They are a wonderful local business here in the Oak City. If you are staging your home to get ready to sell, let them clean your rugs, carpets, and tiles, and contact us to make the sell easy and quick for you! To see the full interview with Jason Ide, click here:




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