Tips For Reducing Your Energy Bill This Summer

During the hotter months of the year, spring and summer, you want to reduce as much energy as possible while still keeping your home cool. There are many steps one can take to achieve this goal, and the first is to have an energy audit performed on your home to find out where you can save the most. Another step is to keep the windows and blinds shut in order to keep the cool air in. You can buy certain window treatments and coverings that help with that also.

reduce energy bill

The key is remembering that the smaller the difference between indoor and outdoor temperatures, the lower the cost of your energy bill will be. It’s important to operate your thermostat strategically in order to achieve the maximum savings on energy possible. For example, getting home from vacation in the summer after you have had it set on 80 all week while you were gone to save money, setting it on 65 right away will not necessarily cool your home faster. It’s better to set it to around 72, or the average temperature you keep it on in order to save energy. It will take the same amount of time to cool whether its on 65 or 72. A lot of people don’t realize this.



You can also find energy star ceiling fans to help. When you shower or bathe, you should use the bathroom fan to absorb heat and humidity. Above all else, it’s very important to schedule regular maintenance for your cooling equipment in order to save a little each year, rather than having a big problem and having wasted money when you didn’t realize anything was broken or not working properly. Also, keep your appliance use time to as much of a minimum as possible, as these appliances let off heat and make your house warmer as well. For more information on how you can lower your energy bill this summer and stay cool at the same time, check out our youtube video (Reduce Your Energy Bill This Summer!), and as always, if we can be of any assistance to you in the real estate department, please don’t hesitate to give us a call!



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