Mark Steward Team Features Local Business, Escentuelle!

Escentuelle is a shop located in Cary where you can create a signature fragrance! You get to compose your own perfume and are guided by a scent artist, trained in France, that will allow you to incorporate your own sense of style into your perfume. You can visit Escentuelle as a single person, in a small group, for a party and either way you are guided through the process by expert Carolyn Hassett.


This is the experience of a lifetime and you definitely don’t want to miss out on having a one of a kind perfume. To make an appointment, you can call or book online! Carolyn realized that people have varying tastes and there are many uses for scents, so she believes that it’s best for people to just create their own. She began to experiment with scents many years ago with the aromatic and healing powers of essential oils. This led her to Grasse, France eventually, which is the perfume capital of the world.


Since her training there, she has returned twice to study scent more in depth and she has discovered the top blenders for her own knowledge. She has incorporated this knowledge and these skills in her fragrance creation system customers enjoy at Escentuelle today. The store has been featured on North Carolina Weekend with UNC TV, where they stated that Escentuelle gives you a custom scent, is a great experience as well as a gift. It was also featured in the Cary Citizen online newspaper, where they stated that a custom scent leaves a better first impression than just a wide smile or a firm handshake. Mark Steward team had the opportunity to learn more about this great Shop Local Raleigh business. You can catch the interview on our YouTube channel (



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